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Advisory work

We support firms’ development in the energy savings arena.

Private equity

Supply you with equity to get up and running & assist in the optimization of capital structures.

Securitization services

From the legal aspects all the way to placement of the ultimate debt market product.

Carbon solution

We help to evaluate your carbon emission reduction project and give consultancy service on environmental certification and offset carbon emissions.

EU Grant funding

Having access to local know-how is essential when it comes to grant access and information. We can hand hold and advise at every step as we were a beginner once ourselves.


We work with you to define your ESG strategy and help you with the ESG implementation.

What we do

Good solutions for
your business!

Advisory work

We support firms in their development by providing advice on how to best to structure their strategy in energy savings. As experts in the energy-saving arena, we provide the best sounding board for proposed developmental strategies.

Our in-house team, occasionally reinforced by external expert advisors, can advise on the sustainability of a proposed transaction, searching for the potential to optimize and improve on the legal as well as the financial return of the proposed strategy.

Private equity

Some of our partners have a private equity background. We understand the issues that smaller companies face. We listen carefully to your ideas and not only supply you with equity to get up and running, but will assist in the optimization of capital structures, and support the team of experts on the energy side with our in-house team of interim directors. We assist you to put the necessary administrative processes and board structures in place, which will support the founders in their day to day business and relieve them of non-core business issues.

Securitization services

With a deep understanding of the securitization issues and process, we can support your endeavours from start to finish from the legal aspects all the way to placement of the ultimate debt market product, with the support via our warehousing facility.

Our aim is to build relationships, to cut through the noise, and to provide support. Many of us at working partners’ level have been in your shoes. We know ourselves all too well what you are going through. We are not only seasoned operators, but we believe in the value of relationships and the trust and confidence that they are built on.

Carbon solutions

We will help you with the ESG implementation and monitoring

  • Monitoring of the ESG eligibility criteria, Reporting to Investor and/or regulator, Compliance.
  • Non-financial disclosure and reporting (i.e. impact reports).
  • Depending on each case, ideally for the environmental aspect of the ESG, we will install a monitoring device at the premises where the investee’s activity is being held (i.e. to measure CO2 emissions/GHG emissions abatement if the activity allows such an installation).
  • Secure data storage.

EU Grant Funding

Accessing a grant is not only about finding a suitable call and drafting the proposal by following the steps, but it is about the crucial know-how regarding the criteria’s that EU-Expert evaluators will be looking for in the assessment process. We cover both sides.


    At a time where sustainability and environmental awareness, responsibility and protection are becoming more and more important to investors, all actors of the financial sector and not only, are concerned.

    Asset managers are under pressure to integrate ESG-criteria into their investment process, which means that if you are a business that needs to report to your shareholders, is searching for capital, or you wish to re-finance your projects, you need to be aware that the ESG criteria’s can help you to reach your goal or if you are unaware and unprepared the ESG criteria will most likely against you.

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