What we do


What we do


When thinking about our energy resource options, it is clear to most of us that the desired outcome is to have only renewable energy. The drawback to this conclusion is that it will take a substantial time to achieve.

When looking at it in a realistic manner, the objective seems to be a distant dream. There is neither the technology nor enough capacity out there to achieve this.

Not only is the cost of going “renewable” substantial but the timelines for implementation are of such magnitude, time which we simply don’t have if we want to tame global warming.

Whilst not even the biggest fools deny that this phenomenon is happening, the comprehension of an invisible, tasteless and in-odor enemy is hard to accept for most humans.

To our mind, for most people, or companies to embark on a sustainable energy future, if it means to face step upfront investment, therewith reducing their margin of flexibility over discretionary spending, such as a family holiday, or for companies the prospects of a reduced bottom line, displeasing shareholders and ultimately influencing the fate of one’s own bonus, is a hard path to tread.

Faced with these prospects, many will rather endure the sufferance of high utility costs vs. a one off upfront investment to remedy to a polluting and resources guzzling installation.

This core finding is the cornerstone of EnerSave’s investment strategy.

We provide the financial backing for companies to engage in the retrofitting of energy saving equipment. Once installed those equipment’s will substantially reduce the energy utilization for the client. Such client in turn will be able to redirect part or all of the reduced utility outgoings to service the funding for such installation.

By redirecting the cash which literally went up in smoke, we support in a balance sheet neutral way, the desire to reduce high utility bills and therewith reduce harmful emissions. As a bonus, having the latest equipment, will in general reduce maintenance cost, and in most cases, generate further efficiencies.

By providing non-intrusive funding for the recipients of energy saving solutions we believe that we will be able to support the “energy saving industry” which according to a study by McKinsey are the low hanging fruits on the path to a sustainable future. This in turn has the potential to substantially slow the ascent of global warming, whilst we await the implementation of a mostly renewable energy future.

In light of a further global population growth of at least 1.5 Bio humans till 2050, and the platonic shifts in humans desiring to emigrate from energy poor regions, it is mandatory that we start now, to reduce our energy consumption with state of the art energy transmitters.

EnerSaveCapital S.a.r.l, assists energy saving companies by supporting their ideas and concepts with advice and capital, intermediary warehouse facilities, and ultimately by the securitization of such dependable cash flows via debt market products.

At EnerSave we have 3 distinct activities

  • Advisory work
  • Private equity
  • Securitization services

Advisory work


We support firms in the energy savings arena in their development, buy providing in the first instance advise on how to best structure their strategy. Consider us a mirror onto the energy saving arena and a sounding board on proposed strategies.

Our in house team, occasionally supplanted by outside advisors, will advise on the sustainability angle of the proposed transaction looking for optimization potential and improving on legal as well as return angles of the proposed strategy.

Private Equity


Some of our partners have a private equity background and we fully know the issues which smaller companies face. When talking to EnerSaveCapital, we will be listening carefully to your ideas and not only supply you with equity to get up and running, but we will assist in the optimization of capital structures and support the team of experts on the energy side with our in-house team of interim directors to assist in putting administrative processes board structures and board structures in place which will support the founders in their day to day business by relieving them of non-core business issues.



With a deep understanding of the securitization issues and process, starting from the legal aspects all the way to placement of the ultimate debt market product, with the occasional support via our warehousing facility we are able to support your endeavors from start to finish.

We know all too well in which way the institutional priority drift has gone. It is our desire, whilst remaining au fait with the latest technological advances, to build relationships, to cut through the noise, to provide support. Many of us at working partners level have been in your shoes. We know ourselves all too good what you are going through. We are not only seasoned operators, but we believe in the value of relationships and the trust and confidence which is built by having such.

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