Enersave capital

Investing in Sustainability

<strong><em>Advisory</em></strong> work

We support firms in their own development by providing advice on how to best to structure their strategy in energy savings.

Private <strong><em>equity</em></strong>

We listen carefully to your ideas and not only supply you with equity to get up and running, but will assist in the optimization of capital structures.

<strong><em>Securitization</em></strong> work

With a deep understanding of the securitization issues and process, we are able to support your endeavours from start to finish.

Dedicated to <strong><em>energy saving</em></strong> measures.

EnerSave Capital is the General Partner of a non-regulated securitization and private equity vehicle under Luxembourg law.

Our <strong><em>focus</em></strong>

We focus our activity on repackaging sustainability-focused cash flows into capital market products, and the placement thereof with mainly institutional clients.

Energy <em><strong>saving</strong></em>

Energy saving measures are the low-hanging fruit in the battle against global warming; impressive results can be achieved with comparatively low investment.

Meet one of our clients.
Below please find the social impact report prepared for the social stock exchange by our first client Verdabelo Esco Limited.

Social purpose of the project


Activities and operations

Social and global benefits.

Our awesome partners
We are proud to work with partners who share the same enthusiasm and global goals as we do.

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