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Our unique value proposition

It’s not proofreading what we provide- we fully support you in implementing your ideas

We cover crucial and current themes such as:

Technology, Finance, Innovation, Sustainability, Energy efficiency, Carbon and carbon capture

Our Team

  • Accessing a grant is not only about finding a suitable call and drafting the proposal by following the steps, but it is about the crucial know-how regarding the criteria’s that EU-Expert evaluators will be looking for in the assessment process. We cover both sides.
  • Our competitive advantage is the presence of an ever growing pool of EU-Experts on our team with many years of experience on the various calls and grants from EIC Accelerator to Horizon Europe.
  • Having their expertise provides us with crucial information regarding the awarding of a grant

Local know-how and expertise at a Member state level

  • Having access to local know-how is essential when it comes to grant access and information.
  • For players that do not have local know-how and talent on the ground the different opportunities might be missed.
  • This is why EnerSave can cover with Local talent the following markets from the following countries: Austria, Hungary, Italy, Ireland & Northern Ireland, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Belgium, France.

We do not give you advice, we give you a financing solution


We can hand hold and advise at every step as we were a beginner once ourselves:

  • from registering the company on the EU platform and receiving a Participant Identification Code (PIC) number
  • all mandatory role allocation
  • the cost reporting templates and task reporting
  • support your team to be able to manage future projects by themselves

Aggregator role

Besides the EU grant related services, we are a provider of financial services that are focusing on the sustainability side.

  • Due to the scarce level of green projects on the market and due to a creative side of our team aggregating and creating green projects started to be a second nature in our company.
  • As such we will not only search for topics and open calls for grant, but we can propose different project ideas that we detect as possible current opportunities.
  • Furthermore we can design innovative financing structures based on the successful pilots such as Zero Green Bonds or re-finance via a securitization structure

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